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Moser Community Media

Moser Community Media, LLC is a newspaper management company
serving community newspapers across Texas.

Currently, we manage 32 newspapers, including: Jackson County Herald-Tribune (Edna), The Cuero Record, Yorktown News-View, The Mexia News, Clifton Record, The Meridian Tribune, The Robertson County News, The Fairfield Recorder, Fredericksburg Standard Radio-Post, The Cass County Sun (Linden), The Atlanta Citizens Journal, Bowie County Citizen-Tribune (New Boston), The Steel Country Bee (Daingerfield), Pittsburg Gazette, Burnet Bulletin, Dripping Springs Century News, The Highlander, The WImberley View, The Marlin Democrat, The Cameron Herald, Franklin Advocate, The Graham Leader, Breckenridge American, Jacksboro Herald-Gazette, The Aransas Pass Progress, Groesbeck Journal, Thorndale Champion, The Ingleside Index, The Rosebud News, and San Marcos Daily Record.

We focus on the long-term viability of our newspapers within their markets. We understand that every market is different and work diligently to create a quality and credible news product that is responsive to each of those respective markets. We also understand that you cannot accomplish that goal without being profitable.

Therefore, our management practices are rooted in traditional ideals that have proven to be “tried and true” in small, rural communities across the state. That being said, we are also quick to utilize the latest in technology to take advantage of new product opportunities and efficiencies.

We believe that the future of community newspapers is bright and, in many ways, can create an opportunity for small papers to become the leaders of our industry.

Our Newspapers

Meet the team

Moser Community Media focuses on the management of small to mid-size community newspapers in Texas. By utilizing the latest tools available to small newspapers, we work diligently to maximize our footprint both in print and digitally in our respective markets.

The newspapers we manage can be accessed in traditional print, but also offer an electronic version of the printed paper that can be viewed conveniently with your favorite Internet browser. Also, each paper maintains a web site that is no-charge to access and contains the latest in breaking news for their communities. Furthermore, many of our papers use social media to alert our audiences of breaking news.

All of this works to provide our papers with the opportunity to deliver news across a variety of formats, and these same opportunities can be extended to our advertisers. The businesses that partner with our publications can truly say they are reaching more of their market than with any other medium available.

All of this is accomplished by following through with those fundamental practices that have served newspapers well for years while not overlooking the benefits of new products and new technology. We believe that keeping a balance between these two ideals makes for a bright future among community newspapers.